Milk Bar is actively booking bands, DJs and promoters for events seven nights a week. For all booking inquires, including private event inquiries, please contact Mac Walker at

When contacting us, please include as much information about your act as possible (facebook links, press coverage, recent shows and more). NO ATTACHMENTS.

Be patient -- we will get back to you shortly.

We love hearing new music and new talent, but we are fairly busy and in our world there is never an end to our calendar. We must be prudent. Below are some helpful tips to ensure we give a shit about the shit you give a shit about.

  • Do not send a generic email or include us on a BCC chain. If you do this, you can guarantee that your email will be ignored and deleted.
  • Include your past three San Francisco shows and include: dates, venues, ticket price, and bands played with. If all you did was just gave us this information along with links you can guarantee a response back.
  • Include bands that you identify with in San Francisco and on a national level (this helps us understand you immensely).
  • Include press links.
  • Do not ask for dates if you plan to book another show in San Francisco or Oakland within a 14 day radius. We do not book bands that play too often in the same market.
  • Do not email us looking for a show if you are looking to hop on a bill and bring nothing to the table. We do not work with artists who do not understand the industry that they strive to succeed in. Local music venues serve the purpose of acting as a key liason and curator for local artists. Our role is to provide a canvas (e.g. a fully staffed and aesthetically pleasing facility) for your art as well as introduce you to other like-minded artists. We rarely support artists that have not at least established a small local following. In the rare scenarios that we do, it is because we found you first and we brush our fucking teeth to your music!
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    Mac Walker & the Milk Bar