Mar 27th - BIG BABY GURU, For The Ladies, Steel Cranes
Thursday, Mar 27th 8:30 pm

Mac Walker & The Milk Bar Present
For The Ladies Steel Cranes


Big Baby Guru is a groovy funk band from San Francisco that juggles elements of Afro-Beat, Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Psychedelic Rock into one wickedly fun house party. Originally formed as a trio between Jesse Lemme Adams, Tony Mills and Tyden Binsted, the group has evolved with more musical heavy-hitters including the blues vocal stylings of Mark Thomas, guitar riffage of Jordon Jo and a dream team horn section. Big Baby Guru will take you on a trip that both enlightens your mind and moves your feet! Come groove with us!

For The Ladies

ROCK STIFFLY on guitar and lead vocals. BIG HONKIN' DEAL A.K.A. BILL CLINTON on Saxophone. EASYGOIN' GIRTH on bass. LEGS BENEDICT on the drums. ALL MEMBERS on the market.

Steel Cranes

“Tracy Shapiro and Amanda Schukle’s two-woman rock assault has more in common with the Melvins or the Black Keys: the slo-mo heaviness of a 2,000-pound pendulum, as much grit as an abandoned highway, and a fearless sense of rock ‘n’ roll.” – MTV Buzzworthy, 7/5/13

“They shred, but they’re not frantic. Their sound lacks any pretense whatsoever, offering raw, relentless power instead… My hope for Steel Cranes is that, no matter how famous they’re about to be, they don’t lose the sense of loud, gritty fun in which their first few singles are drenched.” – Bitch Magazine, 8/27/13

“…nasty noise and narrative nuance shouldn’t work , yet some of these songs recall Rocky Horror (my highwater mark for rock musicals) and some of the weird rock these grungey gals get at recalls some of the most potent twosomes this side of Flat Duo Jets.” – Rocktober, 7/29/13

“While their heaviness can definitely be heard in their music, there’s another layer that also shows a love for infectious pop, and while that may sound like a contradiction, it isn’t and shouldn’t be. There’s a way to be sonically vulgar while offering songs that are easy to remember, making them catchy while you want to salute it with devil hands. Steel Cranes do just that…” – This is Book’s Music, 8/10/13