COO COO BIRDS, Jet Trash, Peachalope, artwork by Claire Yvonne, and White Light Prisms (visual artist)
Wednesday, Jul 15th 8:00 pm

Thee 3rd annual Down Dirty Shake Residency
Jet Trash, Peachalope, artwork by Claire Yvonne, and White Light Prisms (visual artist)
FREE with RSVP / $5


Wednesday July 15th 2015

The Milk Bar and Innerlight proudly present



The Down Dirty Shake is a rock n roll band based out of San Francisco. Formed in 2005 by the founding four members. The group is deeply influenced by the soul that was the 60's. Touching on latin, psych, soul, pop and garage rock. The live shows are guaranteed to be an experience; always full of energy and raw emotion. Making all the soul mama's and papa's of the crowd feel good.

featuring special guests


"The Coo Coo Birds embody timeless rock ‘n’ roll attitude, with their era-spanning sound drawing from garage, psychedelic, and 50′s rock, all created in the old convent in San Francisco where the band resides. They sound like Boiler Pot Rock n’ Roll at its best. The 1950′s got a new skate board, then fell off when 1967 tripped him. Then 1977 came along and beat them both up for it, and all three were arrested by Officer 2012. The band lives in an ex-Convent turned artist community, and derives much of their inspiration from this unique SF scene.'' They Started at the Condor strip club in San Francisco as a blues band known as "Jonny Cat & the Coo Coo Birds", started by the bands singer and guitarist Jonny Cat.

Discovered living in an former Convent in the Hayes Valley of San Francisco in 2012, the Coo Coo Birds have done much to re-define the meaning of modern holy life since they first started making music in unison. Noted for causing spiritual awakening in the members of their congregation; the band's live performances are considered by many- even by those outside of the occult- to be a religious experience. Abandoning modern conveniences for a more corporal connection with the Divine, the group is rumored to have recorded their prayers using ancient methods; including magnetic tapes, and primitive amplification. Witnesses to the groups public ceremonies have reported seeing band members storing their ceremonial objects in Gentleman's Clubs after use, and have claimed to have heard sounds previously considered extinct on earth at some regional gatherings. Scientist have yet to confirm this, but cite the bands debut LP-"Don't Bring Your Boyfriends"- as evidence of the phenomenon's possibility.


San Francisco’s Jet Trash know what it means to be a quintessential West Coast band. They proudly carry the torch of their predecessors The Sonics and The Ventures, joining the ranks of Bay Area contemporaries Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees in cranking out modern indie-rock updates on classic ’60s garage-surf. Armed with vintage Fenders and reverb-soaked tube amps, the band’s energetic lo-fi anthems have a youthful immediacy, their massive hooks curling like breaking waves. It’s a sound that has already won the hearts of Jet Trash’s hometown, The Deli SF voting them one of the best up-and-coming bands of 2014 and The Bay Bridged dubbing them
“the cream of the crop” of San Francisco locals. Now, with their self-titled debut EP, they’re ready
to take the national stage.


Poppin' fresh out the can, Peachelope rides a willowy range of sound. Best described as lo-fi tribal flower dream pop, Peachelope tells stories while tickling your dendrites with an ethereal voice. Galloping through the old west, venturing toward the final frontier, this San Francisco band loves to experience adventure with you.

Jet Trash, Peachalope, artwork by Claire Yvonne, and White Light Prisms (visual artist)