Apr 24th - DOWN & OUTLAWS RESIDENCY, Solwave, The Reckless Kind, The Chaw
Wednesday, Apr 24th 8:30 pm

Mac Walker Presents
Solwave The Reckless Kind The Chaw



Down and Outlaws are a band of wanderers, four lost souls playing
music like they don't have a choice. They walk a line between classic
rock, blues and psych, creating a unique sound centered on their own
modern anxiety and heart.


While 2013 is still young, Solwave has already pumped out recording time with Gordon Raphael (The Strokes), a Southwestern US tour, and a debut appearance at The Independent in their hometown of San Francisco. Beginning in mid March, the band will tour the west coast for 5 consecutive weeks; culminating in the release of their first single, "I Won't Wait".

The Reckless Kind

Members of classic Bay area punk bands, AFI and American Steel have joined forces with a bunch of young whippersnappers and formed a band called The Reckless Kind, and they play some of the dick-swingingest rock and roll this side of 1984 – with tunes that recall the best of Tom Petty, Thin Lizzy and even a little Steely Dan thrown in to keep it classy? I hear your skepticism, but man, it’s true! A far cry from the punk anthems of Oakland basements and Warped Tour fairgrounds that their more well-known members are known for, The Reckless Kind have the sort of effortless cocky swagger that will, if you play their songs loud enough, take you back in time to the age of denim-clad asskickery, and rock you so hard that you pass out in a pool of sweat and wake up pregnant with yourself. It’s bombastic rock at its best and it’s gonna be available on August 24, 2012 in the form of their upcoming debut full length, Golden Age Thinking, courtesy of upstart San Fran label Lugosi Records. So dust off your Zippos and hide your daughters, because The Reckless Kind is coming to rock you.

The Chaw

The Chaw is a four piece Psych Rock band from San Francisco, Ca.
The Chaw’s sound is very strong in character. Dark moody sounds, drenched in reverb, referencing soundtracks of the classic spaghetti westerns, big open bar chords and barky low register guitar leads ala Dick Dale, and psychedelic soundscapes, take you on a trip on a dusty trail through a vivid world, full of mystery, and intrigue.

The music is not your typical hodgepodge of genres, a label fitting of the music of many newer bands these days. The Chaw, who have a very strong identity, transport us to a very specific place. Their unwavering style draws the listener in deeper and deeper throughout the record. By not muddling their audience’s palate with superfluous or clashing musical ideas, The Chaw deliver a strong brew, bold and district in flavor.