Wednesday, Oct 18th 9:00 pm

the Milk Bar presents



Ickymack: Born and raised in San Francisco, Ickymack is known for his fast flows and high energy live performances. His debut EP Dirty Deedz was released on the web label cOmarecOrdz in 2011 and was well received online, but a number of personal struggles slowed his momentum in the following years. While still consistently recording music and performing throughout the Bay Area, grief, addiction and depression kept him from reaching any significant success, and are themes reflected in his second and third releases, Tongue Money and Duck Fucking Blunted EP.

In 2015, Ickymack got clean. With his new found sobriety, he has channeled restless energy into creativity, writing and recording Sticky Situationz with production by Herbie One, and so far releasing 3 out of 4 visuals shot for the project. Sacramento based rapper TIP Vicious said : “Now, "Sticky Situationz" has dropped, led by his single "DROWN". The #SanFrancisco-native is set to crumble the cookie-cutter rappers of the scene once again. Seriously, this record is packed with complicated rhyme patterns; doubles and triples that never fully commit to the style of chopper rap. This is a signature of the seasoned artist that dropped his first record in 2011.” Quickly gaining a reputation as an independent DIY force in San Francisco hip hop, Ickymack is one rapper to keep your eye on.

Coco Columbia: "Music school dropout Coco Columbia burst onto the Portland music scene in 2014 with her debut, Kickstarter-funded album “The Weight.” Columbia set aside her passion for jazz drumming to teach herself how to write songs, record, make beats, and play piano. Having never performed live, she put together a group of young Portland jazz musicians to learn her material.

Columbia released her sophomore record, “When the Birds Begin to Walk” last August to critical acclaim in the Portland music scene. Her music fuses infectious indie-pop melodies, off-kilter rhythmic feels, dreamy-eyed electro-soul soundscapes, and jazzy harmony to create her own brand of bumpin' future-pop."

Herbie One is a SF-based producer, DJ, jazz musician, and educator. He has opened for Binary Star and recorded horns for Saba.


Doors at 8pm / Music at 9pm / 21+ ONLY / $5