AAN, Yassou Benedict, Sunhaze, Nathan Blaz (of Geographer) DJ Set
Friday, Aug 1st 8:30 pm

Mac Walker & The Milk Bar Present
Yassou Benedict Sunhaze Nathan Blaz (of Geographer) DJ Set
$8 - $10

$8 advance / $10 day of show / ages 21+ only



Aan is a fearless experimental pop band from Portland, Oregon mixing heavily textured guitars with rich vocal harmonies. The band has been active since 2008 self-releasing several CDs and garnering a reputation throughout the Northwest as a progressive force in the independent scene.

The band beckons a bevy of comparisons but their sound cannot be pigeonholed. The vocal dexterity of singer Bud Wilson skillfully reaches the octaves of the late Jeff Buckley while maintaining a timbre that's much grittier.

Their forthcoming LP "Amor Ad Nauseum" will be the groups first proper release. The work will demonstrate a patience and attention to space not found in much of the new cannon of up and coming artists. Aan will continue to tour through the continental US in 2014.

Yassou Benedict

Formed in upstate New York, now based in San Francisco, Yassou Benedict is a four piece rock band that makes tightly composed pop music with integrity.

Though they employ unconventional song structures and shifting time signatures, they are not afraid to play music that is bold, emotional, and immediate.


Sunhaze is a 4-piece band of multi-instrumentalists from San Francisco. Their sound is influenced by an alarmingly sweet mixture of surf pop and soul with an added layer of grooviness.

Nathan Blaz (of Geographer) DJ Set

Nathan Blaz (of Geographer) DJ Set