Feb 23rd - Spilt Milk Two-Year Anniversary, Safeword, Kimmy Le Funk, Taylor Fife, Shaky Premise
Saturday, Feb 23rd 9:00 pm

Spilt Milk Two-Year Anniversary
Safeword Kimmy Le Funk Taylor Fife Shaky Premise
Free w/ RSVP

Spilt Milk Two-Year Anniversary

RSVP at Do415 for free entry!

$5 at the door w/o RSVP

After two years of weekday madness we're moving our party to the weekend! That's right, no more of this Wednesday or Thursday nonsense, because for our two-year anniversary we're going straight Saturday up in this bitch. To match our upgrade to in evening selection, we're also gonna turn up our talent a few notches by bringing in local favorite Safeword for an extended DJ set. Before Marc and Clint hop on the decks, Spilt Milk alum and all-around awesome lady Kimmy Le Funk will be dropping all-wax bangers to get things into high gear. Per usual, your residents Shaky Premise and Taylor Fife will be kicking off the evening and turning up the heat in the early hours. In addition to the music, off-the-wall analog-controlled visuals will be provided by the always-mind-blowing brotherly duo Etcher & Engraver.

With all these newfangled trappings, we are going to be requesting a $5 cover at the door. But fear not friends, family, fans, and cheap asses, because we're going to make it easy for you to be easy on your wallet. You can just show up before 10:00pm and you're in for free, or click your way on over to Do415.com and sign up for the guest list. That's right, just visit our event page, click that you're attending, and you'll get an email telling you you're on the list. Easy Peasy! And truthfully, paying $5 ain't such a bad deal either.


Safeword is the result of a decade-long friendship and a mutual love for music between San Francisco's Clint Stewart and Marc Smith. The duo has worked side by side on music for years, so the eventual pairing was inevitable. Although the two share a great deal of the same musical interests, its the differences that make it. Both Stewart and Smith bring an individual perspective to the studio, creating an incredibly diverse dynamic ranging from deep lush house to the heavier side of techno and all things in between. With their foundation laid in thick, heavy drums, lush melodies and hypnotic atmospherics, Safewords every cut, as well as their DJ and live set, is a pulsating, cerebral campaign, track-by-track leaving indelible marks on its listeners. Its the delicate interplay of pleasurable highs and dynamic lows that set this pair into their own realm of creation. With an EP on Dessous recieving high praises, a single on the Poker Flat 'Gunslingers and Greenhorns' VA as well as their double remix of Pan-Pot on Mobilee and the second EP on Alland Byallo's much anticipated new label, Bad Animal, the duo are primed to start their assault on dancefloors worldwide. Don't forget the Safeword.

Kimmy Le Funk

Kimmy is a fixture in the Bay Area house/techno/disco scene, regularly appearing at SF's hottest venue, Monarch, with a resume under her belt that includes participation in What's the Werd? and Housepitality, two of San Francisco's very best club nights. Kimmy will be delivering a pure vinyl set, so get ready to shake your ass to some legit mixing.

Taylor Fife

Cause all I need, is a Beauty and a Beat
Who can make my life complete

Shaky Premise

It's all bout you, when the music makes you move
Baby do it like you do