Feb 8th - SPIRALARMS, Zed, The Devil In California, Gypsy Flight
Saturday, Feb 8th 8:30 pm

Zed The Devil In California Gypsy Flight
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This American sextet is the epitome of a true-blooded rock band which blends tradition with contemporary elements, releasing a fusillade of amazing rock songs on their second album Freedom. Freedom has everything the fans love: strong guitar riffs, haunting hooks, vocals to put your teeth on edge and grooves which make every muscle in your body twitch. Check out ‘Dropping Like Flies’, the first single from the album, on YouTube (http://youtu.be/j1IBmwg6Tec) and experience the band’s breathtaking power! “‘Dropping Like Flies’ is only the beginning, we will soon release more gems from our new record,” promises Craig Locicero, SpiralArms’ lead guitarist who looks back at years of experience as a longstanding member of thrash metal act Forbidden and is one of the driving forces behind SpiralArms. Another renowned band member is Tim Narducci, formerly with Californian hard rock act Systematic, whose amazing voice has become one the group’s trademarks.

Friends since the age of 15, Tim Narducci and Craig Locicero bonded over their love of heavy metal and hard rock music. Looking back at that time period Locicero reflected, they were “probably the youngest kids in the East Bay metal scene that were drinking beer out in the parking lot after seeing bands like Testament and Exodus play.” Although the two remained friends throughout the years, they both went their separate ways and started bands of their own. After years of playing with their respective bands, the two friends contacted each other and decided it was time to start playing music together again, and in 2004 SpiralArms was born. After a few personnel changes, the band solidified their lineup. Rounding out SpiralArms is Chris ´Cornbread` Lombardo (bass/vocals), who had recorded and toured the US and Europe extensively with the band Vicious Rumors, Brad Barth (keyboards), Anthony Traslavina (guitars) and Ron Reeden (drums) who plays in Steve Smyth’s Esseness project.

Following two demos between 2004 and 2007, SpiralArms’ debut album Highest Society arrived in 2010 and kindled the interest of record companies from all over the world. “The record came together over a long period of time, which is why it may not sound as compact and homogeneous as our new release, Freedom,” explains Narducci, who also produced the current material. “Compared to our debut, Freedom is more straightforward and focussed on the on the basics, and also more consistently oriented to our musical idols such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. In addition, it has a bluesy, raw and very dynamic quality.” And indeed, SpiralArms have continued to grow during the past three years. “We definitely have evolved,” Locicero confirms. “You can hear that all band members are extremely good musicians and even more relaxed and laid-back than before. Young musicians tend to be a little insecure, but these days we feel very confident about ourselves and our music. We write songs which first and foremost have to please ourselves. It’s always an amazing experience that the songs you write for yourself are usually the ones that work best.”

Freedom’s down-to-earth and very dynamic production also deserves a mention. The album oozes a liveliness which many other bands tend to lose in the studio. “We always work at the studio as a full band,” says Locicero. “The basic tracks of the new album were recorded in just about 16 hours, the rest was recorded by and by, but always in the same spirit. From the beginning, we never lost sight of our vision and that special flair which our new songs have.”

Just like rock fans shouldn’t lose sight of SprialArms if they don’t want to miss one of the hottest contemporary rock acts. Freedom will cut its own path, that’s for sure, particularly since SpiralArms can’t wait to tour on these shores: “We hope to be able to come to Europe next spring at the latest. We haven’t forgotten the positive reactions to our show at the 2007 Graspop, where we were the only band without a record deal. That’s why we can hardly wait to play in Europe again.”


Great Rock and Roll doesn't just happen. It's made. With sweat, swagger and the swilling of alcohol. And Zed makes rock the way it should be made. Loud guitars, a dose of whiskey and a middle finger.

San Francisco Bay Area's Zed takes it cues from the greats like Zeppelin, Sabbath and AC/DC, and mixes them with their other musical influences such as Clutch, Rage Against the Machine and Queens of the Stone Age. With this mixture, Zed crafts a sound that is new, yet familiar and are bringing back the guts, the grit and the balls to Rock. And they won't stop until they succeed. At least in getting drunk and having a good time.

In April 2010, Zed released their first full-length album, "The Invitation", which they had been brewing in the studio for over a year. A hard driving, aggressive sound with lyrical themes covering the spectrum between the socio-political to personal issues, almost anyone in today's society can relate to the what the songs express. And this is what makes the album as much an impact to the heart and head as it is to the gut. So give it a listen for yourself and accept Zed's invitation to rock.

The Devil In California

The Devil In California is the brainchild of Eddie Colmenares, who had recently been playing drums for Bay Area favorites Electric Sister. Eddie had been wanting to create a harder rocking band with more of a southern flavor, and after ES went on Hiatus, he took his chances running an ad locally to start putting a band together. Friends of Jamie Cronander saw the ad and thought the guitarist had put it out, since it also sounded like something he would write. When inquired about why he was putting a band together and not telling anyone, Jamie's interest was piqued and he contacted Eddie. And that was the start of The Devil In California.

The band itself assembled fairly quickly, and with top-notch talent. Jamie brought in Matt Stewart on bass and Eddie brought in local singer Tony Malson. They had 5 songs written within weeks, and started lining up shows. There was only one piece missing...

A search for another guitarist to round out the band had been fruitless, and The Devil In California was a reluctant 4 piece for the time being. They finally started recording their demo with Snake (formerly of Skinlab and Re:Ignition) who immediately took a liking to the music. After Snake parted ways with a band he was playing with, both parties agreed that he would be the perfect replacement. And the band was complete.

In the short period of time The Devil In California has been a band, they have played 4 shows - including a great showcase under a different name - and their first official show where they played to a raging crowd and sold half of their merchandise. The band will continue to move forward with bigger and better things for 2013 and beyond.

Gypsy Flight

Gypsy Flight is an Original Hard Rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area. Blending hard edge rhythms with melodic vocal lines,Gypsy Flight delivers Hard Rock music with a modern attitude. In February Gypsy Flight placed 3RD in the Bay Area's longest running Battle of the Bands and in May 2013 Gypsy Flight released their self titled debut album and immediately grabbed the attention of Hard Rock legions. While gaining airplay on Hard Rock Radio, Gypsy Flight also has been selected to be included on "Maiden of Metal" compilation album being distributed by Delinquent Records USA along with top Female fronted bands from around the world. Take a listen for yourself to Gypsy Flight and spread the word to Hard Rock enthusiasts all around about Gypsy Flight. Gypsy Flight is Shawna Sommers - Lead Vocals, Karen Alvarez - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals, Marc Hughes - Drums/Vocals, Nick Campbell - Lead Guitar, Adam Alvarez - Bass/Vocals