Jan 19th - THiTH, The Last Out, The Jaded, Swaybone
Sunday, Jan 19th 8:30 pm

the milk bar presents
The Last Out The Jaded Swaybone


What is THiTH? Musical hooligans with an eye towards sleepware: punk rockers in PJs. Serious musicians who take nothing seriously. Live, THiTH are pajama-clad cherry pickers who steal, we mean borrow, liberally from hard rock, punk, metal, alternative, stoner rock, blues, pop, grunge, and genres that have yet to be defined - a riotous party that spills over from the stage. With THiTH, less is more, but more is better!

The Last Out

The Last Out's performances have been compared to chimps mating at the zoo, if the chimps were playing music instead of mating, and the zoo was actually a dive bar. Still chimps, though.

The Jaded

The Jaded is a vintage rock band formed in 2011 in the San Francisco Bay Area.